Friday, 8 October 2010

QE:ES - Sun, Sand, Sea, such a pain in the arse - PART 1 - The intro

I should have been writing this blog entry last Wednesday - Friday at the latest. Given that it is now the preceeding Friday, over a week and a half after the Queens English crew was supposed to be back from Spain, might give a hint to the mindnumbing terror that we have experienced at the hands of the British institution that is Easy Jet, the Spainish Social Workers Party, a forgetful blonde, a dumbass turk and a small brown man with an ass that just won't stop (me).

Yes, we went to Spain, we got a video in the can and now we're busy editing it. We didn’t get back on Noah’s ark but we were very nearly all at sea, stranded on desert islands and up that proverbial creek with little more than a Spanish paddle and a pocket full of figs.

It wasn't the toughest experience of my life, but it had its seriously tedious moments. I'm talking seriously long. But we did see some awesome places. At it was like 30 degrees every day. And Spain and its people are seriously beautiful and safe.  

Anyhow, over the next few weeks we're going to be cutting down the video to something resembling a Micheal Gondry rip off. It's going to look beautiful. And hopefully we'll get it on the tele, like... 

But I'm not the kind of guy to go on a crazy-arse trip with a couple video cameras and a smartphone, and not get some behind-the-scenes-in-the-making-of-footage, am I? No, I'm not. So over the next couple weeks I'll be posting up daily chapters of 'QE:ES - The Tedium Lives On' on this here blog. I say hopefully, cos Phil's doing the edit. And he's another twat. And Tom's a dirty greek jew.But Hass is still a fucking turk.

Big love to Terri, Xativa, Sella, Villa Joyosa, Wally and Brenda, Simply Red, Kiss FM, BB’s and 'Sal y Pimento' - 
First vid and write up on its way.

Peace, love n lyrics

- Shwinn

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