Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hootananny BOSH...

Hootananny, hootananny golly what a day...or night, even. Ladies and gentlemenses, for those of you that didn't come to the Hoots gig - For Shame! (/points finger). We'd all been pretty damn excited about the gig for bloody ages - I mean, it's the Hootananny! The best live music venue in the UK, as voted for by people! And they have the most beautiful barmaids in the entire world - and a pretty fine promoter as well. So yeah, we were fairly pumped up for the gig. But we've been disappointed before - we've built ourselves up and been knocked down like cheap scaffolding.

But Hoots, you didn't disappoint us.

From Pikey's intro, to the last song, the crowd was swaying like Cliff Richard's pants drying in the air of windy Wimbledon final; they were sweating like a trapped badger with a cough; they were bouncing like [insert mildly offensive simile here]. Yes, it was an awesome gig.

We were joined by the big drink of chocolate milk that is Aga, the maestro on the Saxamaphone, and on ethnic drums, the very non-ethnic Will - the very nucleus of the Queens English Live Band Experience (trademark trademark registered blah)!! Most of our japes were caught by the jaunty angled camera of Keane Eye Photography. The rest were caught by me and my unsteady camera hand - and have thus formed the basis of our new, official, Queens English Youtube Channel.

I apologise now, but as a short (yet sexy) man, my arm gets a little tired having to hold the camera above the heads of thronging crowds. And boy, did they throng - all over my chest and in my hair...

Now you're making your own jokes. Here's the start of the show! Click the channel for more jazz!!

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