Monday, 18 October 2010

Friends & Family - Part 2 - Purple Turtle Beads

Easy up - a slightly impromptu blog entry, considering I haven't uploaded the Behind-the-Scenes stuff yet, but we couldn't really pass this one up! We went up to Leicester last week for the mighty Jamfest 2010 underground music festival. While we were there, we found a proper top-shelf material stand selling these wicked hama-bead neck-pieces and jewellery - Purple Turtle Beads be its name!. 

As you can see from the pics, they're pretty awesome! Ayesha Asantewaa is the name of the funktastic proprietor of this here store - legend has it that through the construction of her very own time-machine it was actually her that created the very notion of 8-bit colour gaming, and by default EVERY SINGLE AWESOME NINTENDO GAME EVER MADE. True fax.

Anywho, instead of sitting here reading this guff, you need to get yourself over to her website at As worn by dem QE!!


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