Friday, 19 August 2011

morning world.... on the sylvia stone vibe today... check out this freshness and give her a like

Sunday, 22 May 2011 is going on, yo?

...The question that sits on everybody's lips. If it's not on yours, you obviously aren't paying attention. So quite a lot's happened in the past few months, which is why the actual textual content of this blog has been low - I haven't been lazy, just amazingly busy. But that's okay - please be entertained by my unfocussed ramble.

Since I got my new job as Government front-bencher's whipping boy, Rhymes' new position as King of London Buses, Source's elevation to Assistant Meerkat Producer and Something Else new gig making Facebook plugins for Farmville, it leaves very little time for anything else. Man's gotta make money, yo. Apart from Sherlock, who apparently can get by on his good looks, an inexhaustable supply of IOUs and Morrisons sausage rolls.

Hip Hop - Still a dirty word...

I wrote this back last year, before things started to kick off - so obviously, my bad will towards the music industry has worn off somewhat. i don't really have a point, most of my arguements are wildly spurious and probably hihgly innaccurate...however, I think this truely captures a snapshot in time of how fucking frustaring it can be, 'managing' a Hip Hop band. Not to sound narcissistic, but I love the sound of my own words, being read back to me, by myself. And if you're wondering...I'm not being ironic...

Draft date: 17 November 2010 
Yes, yes I know. Weeks since the last post. Some of us have jobs - well, apart from Hass. But he' know...doing stuff...Anyhow, I haven't exorcised my demons for at least a good few months, and I reckon I've built up enough bile to let rip on what hopes to be a viceral yet bitterly amusing reposte on the state of what's loosely known as the 'UK Music Industry' - or as I like to refer it, 'that bunch of credit crunch apologist, profit-driven, margin-watching, genre-flattened, ignorant, intern exploiting shits'.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

More Hot (cross) Blog QE coverage

So, yet more coverage for the QE crew in the sexual To be honest, this is what a Hip Hop blog should look like. Good music, good layout and a real decent writer behind it. Unlike the slapdash, last-minute-on-the-train effort that you've now come to expect from me.

NEXT GIG!! Sat 4th June, QE @ Supa Dupa Fly - Plan B, Brixton

Yes, yes,'s the next giggidy gig, thankfully just round the corner from home - take note, young girls - it's also economically sensible to go home with the band after the gig...

Here's some more deets...

Broken Culture - QE interivew

Well, looks like the PR's working - big love to our man James at BC for the props, yo! Also, big love for putting some edits down, cos my verbatim is fucking awful.

Click here for the interview!

QE gang Walrus some bird @ TPMA Live Showcase

Ah, this poor girl - also known as Rachel Doherty, formerly of Holloaks fame - interviewed the guys at the TPMA showcase back in March, WITH HILARIOUS RESULTS. Yep, totally.