Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Our Mates - Part 1 - Dark Sky / Boogaloo Crew

This is an aspect of the blog that I've wanted to write about for fucking ages. We've been around for a fair while, and we've got about a fair ol' bit. In the course of doing so, we've had our fair share of crackheads, gammon-handed fools and ketamine freaks. And that's just our mate Tom.

But our travels, trials and tribulations have brought us into contact with some excessively brilliant and talented people, who've influenced us no end and more importantly, provide proper joke of a Friday night down the Grand Union. The first, and most fabulous of these are the fucking fantastic Dark Sky crew, also known in an alternative incarnation as the Boogaloo Crew.

Dark Sky consists of three young men, of ever increasing handsomeness - Matt Benyayer, a man so tall, he once punched the face of god; Carlo Anderson - the self-made Hugonaut, with an amazing chain of successful hairdressing salons and his own range of Jojoba conditioners; and finally Tom Edwards, whose birth and childhood are shrouded in a deep veil of mystery, yet whose manhood has been marked by a series of very public romantic affairs with the Swedish aristocracy, leading to the collapse of seven major international currencies.

Whether what I've ever said holds any basis in truth, it does not change the fact that this crew is on the move. Having boshed out their stonking remix of Crystallised by The XX, Dark Sky released their Frames EP (Pictures Music) to heralds of major applause across the music scene - God, I wish I knew what that felt like. Sitting pretty in the Black Acre stable of artists, the Sky is making a serious play for some amazing remixes out of Ninja Tunes, and if I'm not mistaken will be featuring on the 20th Anniversary Album. One look at their Myspace reveals a Angus Steakhouse of national and international gigs, due in no small part to the smart minded folk at Stealth...

There are a lot of other outfits knocking up this revival of UK-G, also known provocatively as Future Garage. Pariah, Brackles and even D'n'B nutjob Instru:mental are on the case. Dark Sky, however, are settting themselves apart from the pack with unbelievably crisp production - I believe the Crisp VST plugin could have something to do with it, but probably not, as I just made it up.

Live, these guys are awesome. Anyhow, best way to get a hold of their tuneage, is via myspace, facebook and following them on Soundcloud (Boogaloo here, Dark Sky here). I'm gonna leave you with my favourite track, anoriginaldubplateburner!! Bosh...

Dark Sky, Boogaloo, QE salutes you...

Leave - forthcoming on Ninja Tune by Dark Sky

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