Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Minor Horror Countdown...

The above picture was me - when I realised we have under a month and a half until our party for New Balance. And week after next we've got the video shoot in Alicante. Yes. Indeed. Stress times. But it's funny how the more stressed I get about things, the more detached I become from the problem and indeed reality. Hence, my decision to blog - the 21st Century equivalent of fiddling while Rome burns.

Indeed, my Government desk is piled high with work - with the missives of people around the country worried that we're not doing enough for the environment, or that we're doing too much for the environment, that we're not killing enough badgers, otters and foxes, or that we're killing too many, or that if we didn't have to pay our bills there wouldn't be any floods, the ten commandments or the parting of the Red Sea (true story).

And it's not just me. Sherlock and Something Else have taken their bubbling resentment of each other to new hieghts, by debasing each others' families with horrendous metaphysical untruths. Locksy tweeted that Something Else's Mum refuses to acknowledge the concept of Left-handedness. In response, Pricey daubed slogans on nearby walls, alluding to Sherlock's four cousin's apparent prejudice against anyone involved in the field of Fractal Mathmatics. When I arrived in the office late last night, I found them both locked in a mortal battle of Renaissance Top Trumps. Something Else was ahead by two consecutive draws of Giovanni Bellini and Francis Bacon, versus a very poor Bartolomeu Dias from Locksy's hand. However, to their credit, the new website's looking alright. 

Leon Rhymes has been a busy nut - not one to dally in the silliness like the rest of us, he's been secretly attending Open Mic comps about the country. This weekend, r' kid got through to the Finals of the Open Mic UK champs. In addition, he's also been hording vast numbers of email addresses for various industry folk. I don't know how he's getting them, but I think its got something to do with him sharpening his chin into a deadly edge.

Pikey Esquire, similarly has been aboot. Our resident filthbox has been on-stage, treading boards that I now fear with disdain, in the children's play - ZIP: Gun and Knife Crime, at the Camden Fringe. Actualité!! And it got some pretty damn good reviews!

MC Source, bravest soul that she is, is gonna be jumping out of a plane this Sunday, to raise some money for the globetrotting charity, the Real Way Down. Real Way Down is a great movement, part of the NGO Development Network project, Patchwork World. Everyone should check the site out for more details on the work they do. If you'd like to sponsor Source, drop us an email or a facebook message.

Anyhow, there's nothing new that I wish to share on the ongoing tribulations of the launch party or the video. Only images stolen from google image search can truely convey my current feelings:

/screaming into pillow (not child abuse)
 By the way, if you like the new tunes, want us for a gig, etc get in contact already.



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