Saturday, 15 May 2010

Living in CON/DEM Nation, Mans CON/DEM Nation...etc

It's been an emotional week. Not least becuase SherlQck and I almost came to blows over the concept of British democracy, and the structure of Western Governance. Yeah, we're fucking Hip Hop. Orifice Volgatron once said QE needs, "a little less backpack, a little more swagger." Well, we've ditched the backpack, but LQcks still likes his designer Jaeger man-bag, and Something Else and myself do enjoy the Eggs Atlantic served up by the Petite ParisiƩn on the corner of Camberwell Grove. I toyed with whether to write another comedy, but to be honest I'm in the mood for an honest roundup of the week.

Tempers have truely been frayed this week. This urge to get new tunes out, being up against the wall for deadlines, trying to get gigs, arranging recording and balancing all of this with jobs and real lives is a true struggle. This hit home when I chatted to Metropolis and Syntax last week in Ipswich. The Beggar boys have been touring hard. One look at their Myspace and you can see they're all over the shop - Madrid, Sweden, name it, they are there. And now Metropolis has a mini-Metropolis, a kid to support and take care of. I asked him, where was his 'Me' time? He looked at me and gave wry smile.
"Aint got nowt, bruv..."

We've got jobs and real lives to take care of, and a constant uphill struggle that's been lasting for the last six years. The anger swells up inside me, whenever I see Pixie Shitting Lott on the side of a bus with a massive jizz stain on her lip - only but a couple years ago, she was just some pretty blonde with a good voice. Phil and Jah Rolfey were doing a commission for V Mobile bites and by chance interviewed her as a complete nobidy at V festival, just coming down to see Arctic Monkeys, or some shit like that. And now?...well...It's funny what a pair of tits and an average voice will get you out of, namely struggling for your name and really sweating for your work.

But the real battle is trying not to get bitter about it - trying not to get distracted by your own negativity, and pushing on regardless. There will always be bad days, shit gigs and arsehole promoters. But there are amazing people in this world who will take a chance on you. And in the end, a chance is all you need.

We've got a new tune about to drop - Rhymes, LQcksy and S.E. have been really on it this week. I begged them to give me snippet of it to preview on here, but they said I should wait til next week when it's done properly. We've also got the footage burned from the Water Rats gig from a couple weeks back - it looks fucking sick. It's one of the tightest sets I've seen from the crew, and we'll have clips up here by Sunday (hopefully).

In other news, SX Festival in cancelled for us - confusion over the days (their side) - we'll say no more...I got a writeup in Hip Hop Village. Yes, my entry looks suspiciously like my blog entry, and yes i know Nee Hi will probably merc me next time I go to Ipswich. That's if he or anyone he knows actually reads it. 

I'm trying to sort a residency for the crew in a London venue for next semester. Reckon we could do quite well with a monthly. Plus, we'll have a shitload more tunes by then. That's it for now. I've got a lunchdate with Rhymes. More world conquering plans abound.

- Shwinn

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  1. Democracy? You've had that for the next few years. I grew up during the Thatch years and the buggers will sneak it back in.

    Cameron is a stupid PSB and Glegg is no better. They'll come to blows and the Lib Dems will flounce off once they realize the Tories will concede F-all :-(