Thursday, 29 April 2010

When Two Tribes...

Well, another General Election, another fucking chance to get a belter on...This one's featuring our kid Rhymes. Unbeknownst to some (even his own band mates), Leon Rhymes has become a minor leg-end in the circles of Deptford High (Street) Society...

He's become the resident MC for the Deptford A.R.M.Y. - a rag tag bunch of ravers in the heart of the city. I went down last week, and barely got a moment with him. The kids fucking love him - chest thumps, firms, and screams of 'YES BLAAAD' echoed the ill-lit walls of Bunker Club on a constant. 

This night's looking like its gonna be the shit - basically, two homeland crews comin together, goin head to head - Deptford Army and Spam Fritta for Deptford tag team with Neon Skulls for Dalston. Its nights like this that make me remember why promoting parties is fucking ace - three massive crowds of mates coming together, making new mates, getting utterly trashed together and forming slightly life long bonds over beats and illegal drugs. I'm gwaanin for sure - i know it aint my kinda music, but its gonna be bloody good fun - plus Depftord girls have the best hair...

Deptford Vs Dalston (Presented by Spam Fritta, Deptford Army & Neon Skullz) feat. Leon Rhymes!!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Corsica Studios, Elephant and Castle,
4/5 Elephant Road, SE17 1LB

Its only £7 - get down, support Rhymes, perhaps even get a free CD if you fancy...


- Shwinn

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