Friday, 30 April 2010


So...what started off as baby steps into pop music...yes POP music... ended up with me and Sherlock writing a piss take track – ‘The Tommy Robinson Song’ complete with impressions, voice overs and general QE stupidity. Yes much more our cup of tea!

Haha it was fun and I'm sure it will get a few laughs when we play it at the roadshow....

Last night also saw the almost complete NEW TRACK!!!! finally take shape.... One on One is the working title and people better ready for this! Full of all the usual daftness, we got the lyrics written and ready to rock, the beats are banging and ready to bounce... in fact it’s finished but for the recording and it’s gonna be BIIIGGG!!!

A little soundclip’s on the ready for the drop...

Check out my taster...haha...

- Leon Rhymes aka Whizkid Rapper

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