Sunday, 22 May 2011 is going on, yo?

...The question that sits on everybody's lips. If it's not on yours, you obviously aren't paying attention. So quite a lot's happened in the past few months, which is why the actual textual content of this blog has been low - I haven't been lazy, just amazingly busy. But that's okay - please be entertained by my unfocussed ramble.

Since I got my new job as Government front-bencher's whipping boy, Rhymes' new position as King of London Buses, Source's elevation to Assistant Meerkat Producer and Something Else new gig making Facebook plugins for Farmville, it leaves very little time for anything else. Man's gotta make money, yo. Apart from Sherlock, who apparently can get by on his good looks, an inexhaustable supply of IOUs and Morrisons sausage rolls.

With the advent of the live band, the live show's definitely taken an upwards turn. We've found ourselves a good distribution deal, a great PR org and work on the 'Our Love' video has begun in ernest. And we've got a new mailing list out, for all you people that actually open up your emails - click on the subscribe thingy on the side of the blog to get in on that. We've also got a fair few blog interviews and whatnot up, and demos being heard right across the globe, so things are still ticking over.

However, its become pretty obvious we need to look beyond just the next single, and look at what we need to be doing over the next three years. And so it's come to the very grown up concept of writing out a business plan.

This is very difficult for three reasons: a) A business plan, by its very name and nature sounds gay; b) it takes a lot of time and consideration to carefully word and cost up each section of said plan - which is gay; c) Unless you're Jay-Z, a business plan is not Hip Hop...its just gay.

Gay as it may be, it should have been fairly obvious that a music group, as any endevour, needs goals, milestones, a gant chart and at least 15 minutes a day shouting down the telephone, "Get those fucking stats to me by Monday, Johnson!".

Over the next few months, we're playing Brixton, the Bussey Building (Peckham), Wakefield, Kosovo (hopefully) and headlining Hootananny's in September. But that isn't a far enough look ahead. We need to know roughly where we're going to be, or rather where we want to be in a year's time - tangible goals, and attractive investment opporutnities are now the order of the day. 

Other bands (e.g. N-Dubz) have rich producer/manager parents and family to do that for them - I'm not bitter about that. On the other hand, we've downloaded a load of stuff off of the Barclays Bank website, and stayed up till midnight going over the figures in the boardrooms of the TFL building.I ain't Russell Simmons, but I gotta give it a good go.

I'm fast running out of things to say. I think I might come back and edit this entry, cos it's not as entertaining as I'd hoped it would be.


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